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Send me additional free trainings and tech recipes to help me close more deals!

We respect your privacy and will never share you contact information with anyone.

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Big Docusign Energy- How to Get More Commitment Post Demo Call

October 20, 20234 min read

Big Docusign Energy 🤑 How to Get More Commitment Post Demo Call

Tyler "T-Money" Murdock

Tyler "T-Money" Murdock

Make Sales Simple Again! | AI Cold Email and Automation | | Follow to book more sales meetings

October 20, 2023

“ Every deal you miss isn’t a failure; it’s another lesson in understanding your customer.” - Chat GPT

A well-designed multi-channel outreach sequence can be highly effective in gently nudging a prospect post-demo. Here’s a 50 day sequence that combines email, phone, LinkedIn, and even direct mail, depending on the resources available:


After a product demo, follow a structured outreach plan over 50 days:

  • Day 1: Send a thank-you email with loom video and PandaDoc / DocuSign

  • Day 2: Connect on LinkedIn with a personalized note.

  • Day 7: Make a follow-up phone call to address questions.

  • Day 14: Share valuable content via email.

  • Day 21: If possible, send direct mail with a thank-you note and a gift.

  • Day 28: Share industry-related content on LinkedIn.

  • Day 35: Request feedback through email.

  • Day 42: Call to check in on their decision status.

  • Day 50: Send a final email to understand their decision timeline.

Immediate Follow-Up Email (Day 1, Post-Demo)

Purpose: Thank the prospect for their time, provide a demo recap, and share any resources or collateral discussed.


  • Gratitude for their time and participation

  • Key takeaways from the demo

  • Attach any related documents or resources

  • CTA: Feedback or questions about the demo


Hi {{Fname}},


Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today
Here is a personalized video I made outlining the strategy we discussed {link}
Watch for an email from PandaDocs. 
The document will be called Sales Appointments for ACME Test.
You'll also find case studies and the demo deck we went over here {{links}
Do you have any questions?
-{{Your name}}


Linkedin Connection (Day 2)

Purpose: Strengthen the relationship.

Action: Send a connection request with a personalized note. Mention the recent demo and express eagerness to continue the conversation.


Hi {{Fname}} I was thinking about our conversation yesterday
and wanted to reach out. It was refreshing to hear about how
much you care about {{Unique thing about the call.}}

Phone Call (Day 7)

Purpose: Address any questions or concerns, and clarify doubts.


"Hello [Prospect Name], I wanted to see how you're feeling after our recent 
demo. Do you have any questions or areas you'd like to dive deeper into?"

Content Email (Day 14)

Purpose: Educate the prospect and provide added value.

Action: Share a relevant case study, blog post, or white paper. You can also create a 3-minute loom video screen sharing their website and a custom strategy.

Hi {{Name}}

Hope you are doing well,
Thought this might interest you as it's related to our last conversation
and showcases how our solution helped a similar company..."
{{Your Name}}

Direct Mail (Day 21, if feasible)

Purpose: Stand out from the digital noise.

Action: A handwritten thank-you note, branded swag, or a small gift (like a book related to their industry)

Hand written note: "Reflecting on our demo, I thought you'd appreciate this.
Let's continue our conversation."

6. LinkedIn Content Share (Day 28)

Purpose: Stay top-of-mind and provide value.

Action: Share an article or post related to their industry challenges, and tag them (if appropriate) or send it via direct message.

Hi {{Name}} 

I wrote this post {{link}} with you in mind after our demo call last month
I thought you would appreciate it. I would love to pick up on our conversation 
What day or time works for you?


Feedback Email (Day 35)

Purpose: Gather feedback and understand their hesitation.

Hi {{fName}}

I am sure you have been very busy:

I wanted to make sure that nothing fell through the cracks on my end.

I would love to know your thoughts on the proposal I sent- 

Any feedback or questions?

“We value feedback and would love to know your thoughts on our demo. Is there something specific you’re concerned about?”

Phone Call (Day 42)

Purpose: Try to re-engage and understand the status.


Hi [Prospect Name], just touching base after our demo last month. 
Is there anything else you need from us to make a decision?

Final Outreach Email (Day 50)

Purpose: Respectfully understand their decision or potential timeline.


Hi {{LastName}},

We understand priorities shift. 
If now's not the right time, that's okay,
Do you have any thoughts about your timeline or any other insights 
you can share?

{{Your Name}}

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